when the dear leader decided quit this mortal coil i vowed to keep this blog running for as long as i could. one year later, my photo archive is exhausted and it can no longer go on. it will remain here for as long as tumblr lives if you ever want to reminisce, but no more updates will come.

it was an incredible journey, filled with laughter and momentous occasions. i have reddit and twitter to thank, for spreading word far and wide in a blink of an eye. i am also forever indebted to everyone who contributed to the webby awards entry fee. thank you, for all the emails, the submissions, the tweets, the likes, the shares. it was a great ride and i could not have done it without you.

since many of you asked, i have decided not to do a sequel with the great successor, in part because there already are quite a few of them done by other people but also because very few photos are released to allow a good, regular amount of posting every week.

as always, you can support kim jong-il looking at things by donating hard currency or, if you prefer, by buying the book. it is a limited edition hardcover with 192 pages of some of the best photos featured in this blog.

and so i bid you farewell, with all my gratitude, from lisbon, portugal with love. so long, and thanks for all the fish.